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The Energy Sector

Wind, solar and wave power

The flexibility and sustainability of many plastics make them ideal materials for the wind, wave and solar energy industry. 

As specialised supplier of maintenance-free covers and insulators for the industry we produce tailored solutions, usually based on common development and mutual counselling and planning.

Green energy specialists

We provide our customers with the newest technology within green energy.  A key theme in the product development is to reduce the weight of the components and cut costs, also by saving assembly and maintenance time.

Solar Power

While wind power is our current primary focus, the continuous development of new raw materials with better heat and UV resistance makes it possible to use light weight profiles in areas such as frames for panels and support profiles in constructions.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.

Wave power/water

Our product expertise in wave power industry lies in customised solutions such as;

  • Trash racks in fibre glass & PUR
  • Insulating profiles for wave power