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The fast, easy way to make door sealings in your own workshop

For many small or medium-sized manufacturers of trailers, door sealings are critical components. They must fit the trailer body with high precision, and they must be made from first-grade extruded rubber materials to ensure safe and quick operation of the trailer doors year in and year out.

But sometimes, lead times are too high to ensure the production times the customers require.

The solution: DIY

Primo offers you a unique and simple solution that makes it possible for you to cut, trim and weld door sealings in your own workshop. Our newly developed welding unit for door sealings is compact, easy to operate and gives you the ability to make door sealings as required with zero lead times and with high cost-efficiency.

Five easy steps

The welding unit lets you cut, trim, weld, adjust and fit door sealings in a matter of minutes. There are no costs for special tools, very little operator training and zero risk of delayed or faulty deliveries from your supplier.

If you have standard lengths of Primo door sealings in your own stock, making a new custom-built door sealing takes just minutes.

See for yourself - watch the system in action

We have shot a video of the entire process detailing every step from concept to final welded and mounted door sealings.

Check it out at the INTERPRIMO YouTube channel here >>

Specialised glue and superb sealing materials

The sealing profiles from Primo are made from TPV (thermoplastic vulcanite). TPV is fully functional in the temperature range from -40 °C to +100 °C and is available in many different colours.

When fitting the door sealings, you can use the specialised Bondafin glue shipped with the profiles – this glue is easy to work with and requires no primer.



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