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Transport & Traffic

Stronger, lighter, safer and better materials for the transport sector

The automotive and transportation industries constantly demand innovation and new materials along with cost-efficiency in production. Plastics play an ever-increasing role.

Environmental demands

Ever-stricter environmental requirements are being imposed on vehicles and their components. Primo can advise manufacturers on recyclable materials for both single-component and multi-component solutions.

The lower the density of plastic, the greater the loading capacity. Primo is introducing new plastic grades that reduce weight and maintain, or even improve, strength. Lower weight leads to lower fuel consumption. 

Primo extrudes most plastic materials, from rigid and soft thermoplastics to wood composites, silicon and glass-fibre reinforced polyester.

We wrap up your vehicle

Primo is an experienced supplier of tailored profiles and parts for vehicles and trailers. We produce customised applications for cars, lorries, buses, city-vans, trucks, trailers, containers and off-road vehicles such as agricultural and construction machines. We even offer special sealings for trains and boats! 

Density & flexibility are the keywords

  • Gaskets for side doors, back doors and interior walls
  • Antifriction – Reduces ”rubber” friction
  • Extremely durable and flexible
  • TPE – Thermal Plastic Elastomer (Rubber)
  • Tested thoroughly - 20 years’ experience 
  • Bondafin – PRIMO-developed primer prepares the TPE-profile for the gluing process with no use of dangerous chemicals

Extra product advantages

  • Weldable – The profiles can be welded into the form of a frame. 
  • Recycable – The profile frame can be granulated and recycled
  • Welding and flexibility 


For versatility, trailers have to meet a range of requirements like insulation for freezing or refrigeration, volume, load-bearing and appearance.

Primo is market leader in supplying trailer builders with curtain sider profiles. We use special high-quality material to meet the demands for all weather conditions.


The fast, easy way to make door sealings in your own workshop.

Our new stand-alone welding unit is both easy to use and extremely precise in cutting and welding. Read more here >>

Special solutions for special producers

Especially for smaller and medium-sized companies we offer competitive packages, such as hatch sealings including welder for mounting or a cost-effective door sealing programme for refrigerator vans.  

Contact us to learn more about these cost-reducing solutions.

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