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The newly developed and patent-pending StyroClick profile is a thermal extension profile with substantially improved U-values, quicker assembly and a wide area of application – including windows, doors and other building components.

A profile for many brands of window

The new StyroClick profile can be used in many ways and can be easily adapted to an existing window system with regard to dimensions and catch mechanisms.

StyroClick represents the perfect extension to your existing window system and offers your end customers a direct and measurable benefit in terms of energy savings.

Your direct benefits

  • Quick assembly with notch system
  • No adhesive required
  • The flexibility of the profile ensures a tight fit around the inner core and easy adaptation to the frame profile
  • 100% recyclable after use
  • Suitable for all construction heights

Completely recyclable

Another benefit of StyroClick® is that it is completely recyclable. The extruded profile is comprised of extremely hard-wearing PVC with all the benefits of this material: Completely maintenance-free, long lifespan and resistant to UV. As it is made purely of PVC and can easily be separated from the insulation core, the profile is 100% recyclable as a mono-material.

At the end of the product’s useful life, the profile and insulation core can be separated from one another with no residue and thus can be easily recycled as a mono-material.

Watch our StyroClick® video


Find out all about StyroClick, our new cost-effective and energy-saving thermal extension:

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