Free tooling for the right project – and four other good reasons to choose Primo as your partner

Date: 28/09/2016

Topic: Building , Lighting , Energy & Offshore , Medico , Transport , Electronics & Packing Tubes , Refrigeration & HVAC

Primo delivers finishing profiles, thermal breaks, magnetic gaskets and other profiles to producers of refrigeration and air-con/ventilation products.

Primo delivers finishing profiles, thermal breaks, magnetic gaskets and other profiles to producers of refrigeration and air-con/ventilation products.

We work with small and medium-sized producers as well as major international brands, always focusing on the project at hand and on bringing our dedication and extrusion expertise to the table. 

But why should you choose us for your next project? We believe that there are several good reasons to do so – and we have compiled five of the best reasons for you right here.

Fact #1: You can choose between system solutions or tailor-made products

Tailor-made or a cost-effective, complete system solution? Whichever you need, we work closely with you to ensure that the profile will be uniquely suited to your product and that you will get the optimum solution in terms of material, precision and cost.

With decades of experience in the development, prototyping and manufacture of extruded and co-extruded profiles, we are always able to find the solution that will match your specifications. Our in-house tooling center will futher help speeding up the process. 

Fact #2: We know the importance of time-to-market

Time-to-market is a real concern in your business. We have organised our logistics around this fact. We always make sure that our manufacturing runs as smoothly as possible all the way from tooling and raw material sourcing to the pre-booking of production lines and the logistics setup. 

Fact #3: We have the setup to guarantee on-time delivery

Primo is an international group of companies with operations all across Europe and in the Far East. With production facilities in several European countries and a close-knit logistics setup, we can scale our production capacity and ensure that it is as close to you as possible.

Fact #4: We have our own in-house tooling and compounding capacities

We operate our own tooling department, which includes a specialist staff dedicated to the constant maintenance of all our tools in order to safeguard that all tools deliver the correct quality at all times. Furthermore, we have our very own compounding centre. And using the latest in 3D-printing, we can cut the development time for prototypes right down – our present record is 48 hours from idea to prototype. But we are sure that it can be beaten, given the right challenge.

Fact #5: We offer free tooling (for the right project)

Tooling is expensive in the plastics industry. But, for the right project, we are willing to deliver tooling to your project for free. We can do this because tooling is an in-house capacity at Primo, and we trust in the quality and workmanship of our specialist teams to deliver the right solution the first time.

This is our investment in a long and mutually fruitful partnership with you.

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