GDPR: No worries

Date: 03/03/2018

Topic: Building , Lighting , Energy & Offshore , Medico , Transport , Electronics & Packing Tubes , Refrigeration & HVAC

The upcoming revision of data protection rules within the EU is going to affect the way companies give users access to online data. It will affect you and us, too. But not much. Here’s how.

You are probably wondering what this new GDPR regulation is going to mean for you and your company. We have been wondering the same thing, and this is our solution. It will have a minor impact on the way you and your colleagues access information on our website – but only briefly, and only once.

The new GDPR regulations will take force in May of 2018 and will increase the demands for data security for users of online services. 

We are currently working on a new sign-on procedure for our website to ensure full compliance with the rules and regulations. 

The new regulations will probably have the strongest impact on users of our online product catalogues. When you log on to your user profile, we will ask you to accept our cookie policy and data protection policy before you can access the product catalogues – and new signees will be taken through a confirmed opt-in process in the product catalogue. This is done to safeguard your personal data and to verify that you are, in fact, you.

At Primo, we collect user data from users of our website, our newsletter and our online product catalogues. This will in future require your express permission, but, as promised, we will notify you when we need your approval – which we will make as quick and easy as possible. 

These changes will in any case not take place before May 2018.



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