New composite material for more energy-efficient windows and doors

Date: 23/11/2021

Topic: Building , Sustainability

Written by: Lichtenberg9

Primo has developed a new super-strong composite material based on reinforced ABS-plastic. The material is created by demand from the windows and door industry, where alternatives to wood and steel are sought after.

Sustainable material for plastic doors - new composite material can be recycled Sustainable material for plastic doors - new composite material can be recycled

The new material, which is still unnamed, is already in production, and the first products are shipped from the manufacturers to end-users in July 2020.

“This is a good example of rapid product development. Back in 2019, we understood there was a need in the market for a new material. We investigated our material databases and found out that we had to develop an entirely new composite. After testing, we landed with a material that fulfills all the needs of our customers,” says Marcin Bloch from Primo’s Technical Extrusion Sales Team in Poland.

A time saving alternative

According to Marcin Bloch, Polish producers of exterior doors are now using the composite, but there is a substantial international potential in the material.

This is not the least because of the benefits of working with plastic profiles in the assembly process compared to metal and wood. The reinforced ABS profiles are delivered to match the customers assembly lines completely. The profiles have the exact shape and come with all the desired features such as colour, drilled holes, and dimensions. The result is less labour time and faster production for the producers of doors and windows.

Eliminating cold bridges

“The manufacturers of windows and doors are increasingly aware of the energy-saving properties of their products. In this perspective, plastic has benefits that no other products can compete with. Plastic eliminates cold bridges and supports the manufacturer's quest to market more energy-friendly products,” Marcin Bloch mentions.

The new reinforced ABS composite has, besides the thermal characteristics and unique structural strength, properties that allow for regrinding and reusability.

Unique and reusable ABS profiles

“We are actually already recycling the material, which is quite remarkable since common knowledge says that reinforced ABS is hard to recycle,” Marcin Bloch says.

At Primo’s facilities in Poland, all scrap and cut-offs from the reinforced ABS production are shredded into small parts and used in the production again. This new environmental dimension is yet another good argument for the use of smarter plastic materials.

“The potential here is of course, that we in the future could take doors and windows back, shred them, and build new profiles,” Marcin Bloch says.

Benefits of reinforced ABS for windows and doors

• Reinforced plastics for optimum strength

• Excellent insulation properties

• Easy assembly

• Special features available

• Faster production

• Cost-effective

• Recyclable

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