Primo at Chillventa: A new look at profiles for white goods

Date: 13/10/2014

Topic: Building , Refrigeration & HVAC , Sustainability

In October of 2014, Primo will exhibit its profile solutions at the world’s largest cooling and refrigeration exhibition: Chillventa in Nuremberg.

Extruded plastic profiles are an integral part of almost all refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, and at the exhibition, Primo will demonstrate and show new materials and innovative ways of exploiting the potential of extruded profiles.

For white goods and ventilation products such as air conditioning units, Primo has a long history of producing extruded profiles. Not just door gaskets, but all kinds of profiles as well: Drop separators, shelf profiles, thermal breaks, panel profiles, light covers, bumpers and frame profiles. 

At the stand, Primo showcases solutions and materials aimed at producers of white goods, ventilation equipment, air-conditioning units and so forth.

One innovation shown at Chillventa is a series of new materials intended for producers of filters for air-conditioning units. Instead of traditional filter frames made from metal, Primo has devised a way to produce filter frames from extruded plastic, which is not only lighter, but which is also 100 % recyclable and far more energy efficient – a major benefit for both the environment and the producer.

Niclas Häggblom, Business Area Director for Primo’s White Goods business area, explains: “Chillventa is just the place to be for us. All our most important customers are there, so we’re there, too. It’s a venue where we can show the world what it is we do best: Develop, produce and deliver extruded profiles.”

A long history of being close to the customer

“At Primo, we produce custom-made profiles for each customer based on smart innovations and an elegant design. We know that producers need a partner who can design profiles for any type of design. It’s important to produce the profiles people need without making them too costly, and that’s what we excel in at Primo,” says Niclas Häggblom.

But being close to the customer is equally important. Primo’s collaboration with producers of commercial and domestic white goods began decades ago. Since then, many producers have moved their production to Eastern European countries – and Primo followed them, establishing production in Poland and Russia, among other places.

Primo can be found at Chillventa in hall 4, stand no. 520.

The exhibition takes place from the 14th to the 16th of October, 2014, in Nuremberg.

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