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Date: 18/08/2020

Topic: Building , Lighting , Energy & Offshore , Medico , Transport , Electronics & Packing Tubes , Refrigeration & HVAC , Sustainability

Written by: Lichtenberg

At Primo, we receive many questions about plastic. As a plastic manufacturer, we are constantly challenged on our material knowledge. Customers need to have more in-depth information about our processes - and the same goes for consumers and environmentalists.

Q&A about plastic - get your facts about plastic here Q&A about plastic - get your facts about plastic here

In many ways, plastic is still a new material, and we are striving to develop non-toxic, recyclable products and circular business models. In our view, plastic can be a more environmentally friendly alternative to materials such as wood and steel in many contexts. At the same time, we understand and accept that plastic should not be used for everything.

Disposable plastic made for single-use is not what we do

For instance, disposable plastic made for single-use is a thing of the past. The same goes for a number of problematic additives our industry has used, to give our products special properties.

These problems can be solved by using improved material such as bioplastic and plastic that can be recycled over and over again.

In this Q&A, we have briefly answered some of the questions we get with help from experts and scientist. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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