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Manufacturing of parts for innovative lighting applications in polymer

Linear lenses pave the way for lighting innovation


Linear lenses give designers new possibilities when creating new lighting applications.

Corona virus does not delay delivery for more than a week

Corona virus not expected to affect long term delivery


Situation report about delivery from our factory site in Zhuhai due to the reporting about Corona virus in China.

The new TPE Foam Gasket for sealing doors and windows made by Primo

The future of window and door sealing: Primo presents the new TPE Foam Gasket


At this year's Fensterbau Frontale, Primo will be presenting a brand new durable, economical, and recyclable way of sealing windows and doors.

Digital stress testing of plastic profiles: Plastic Tooling Factory

Digital stress-testing solves problems before they arise


Stress-testing can also be utilized as an important product documentation. As such, stress-testing is among documentations like fire-resistance and expanded description of chemical composition, offered by Primo as part of our efforts to support customers business when delivering polymer profiles.

Primo is a front runner in automation and robotics, however, some gaskets are packaged manually to avoid stress on the material.

Delivering on customers need for rapid time-to-market


The extrusion process is complicated, but at Primo, we are working to help our customers reach their markets faster and add value to their products.

Polymer gaskets for windows and doors

Primo awarded as ”Preferred Supplier” of polymer profiles


PRIMO Profile GmbH has been awarded “Preferred Supplier of the Year 2018” by the worldwide windows and door manufacturer Siegania.

Business Area Manager Jaakko Salo, Primo Lighting.

In-depth material and process knowledge paves the road for complex polymer profiles in the lighting industry


To succeed in the lighting industry, producers must rely on dedicated partners and suppliers to research, develop and invest. Primo is investing heavily in research and development to meet the demands from the industry and support customers innovation with in-depth material and process knowledge.

Testing of gasket fire properties

New standards for fire and smoke resistance for doors and windows


Smoke and fire resistance are extremely important in modern production of doors and windows. Only by rigorous testing and strict certification procedures a high and reliable level of security according to applicable standards can be uphold. At Primo we are ready to support manufacturers of doors and windows with in-depth material knowledge, so they can comply with the new European Fire Protection Standard DIN EN 16034.

The new extrusion line at Primo in Berlin

New production line promises faster and more reliable delivery of plastic profiles


At Primo’s extrusion facility in Berlin, a new top of the line production line has been installed. It incorporates previous innovations in a high-tech, digitised production system that will ensure a faster and more precise production of polymer profiles for the windows and doors industry.

New whitepaper about polymer rods for offshore cabling


Subsea cabling is a play with strong natural forces, and failures can be devastating. The developments of cable composition are today a science that improves continuously.

The age of PVC-free medical infusion tubes is coming


PRIMO MEDICO has finalized testing a new ground-breaking system for non-PVC medical tubing which will eliminate the risk of PVC interacting with patients’ body fluids. The system, which could have a huge impact on appliances, products and procedures in many medical areas, will be showcased at the upcoming Compamed Trade Fair 2019 in Düsseldorf.

Jörg Neis from the Primo gasket sales team

Even executives are addressed by their first name


It would be hard to find someone more experienced in selling extruded profiles than Primo’s Jörg Neis.

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