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PRIMO Sweden celebrates its 60th anniversary

PRIMO Sweden celebrates its 60th anniversary

Primo Sweden celebrates 60 years of plastic production together with the international headquarters, Inter Primo. The celebration takes place at a VIP reception for business associates and friends of the company at the plant in Limmared in week 17. All employees will have a day off.

PRIMO in Sweden builds on a tradition of innovation and commitment to the local community. With the anniversary the founding family, Grunnet, wishes to mark the history of the company and plastic production in northern Europe during the last 60 years and even further back in time. The production of plastic profiles has a long history at the plants in Limmared and Dalstorp. In 1940, the local family entrepreneurs Georg Johnsson and his sons Niels and Karl-Erik started the firm Johnssons Söner. In 1951, the family began experimenting with extruding plastic profiles, which became a huge business success. In 1968, the company was employing 55 people in Limmared. In 1984 the firm became part of the Primo group, founded in Denmark 1959, – and later became an integrated part of the international corporation Inter Primo.

Another part of Primo has its roots back in 1847 when Svenska Bindgarnsfabrikken was founded in Lund. This company started producing PVC profiles in 1967 and was acquired by Kema Nobel, and in 1985 it became part of the Primo Group.

Today Primo Sweden work closely together with Primo Norway, where some of the pioneering inventions in Nordic plastic extrusion took place, by sharing a sales office and administration.

As a specialised manufacturer, Primo Sweden has always been an industry leader and develops its products to suit the needs of its customers as it supplies large industries in Sweden. For instance, Primo produces antennas for the auto industry and works closely with the offshore industry, among many other ventures.

“It has been some interesting years with all the mergers and acquisitions. Everybody has had a strong belief in the family’s visions, and it has paid off. I think that one of the most defining aspects of Primo Sweden has been the short distance of communication. Everybody felt like an important part of the company,” says Sven-Axel Norberg who has worked in the plastic industry in Sweden for more than 40 years and with Primo in Sweden from 1989 to 2007 in a range of leading positions.

Today, Primo in Sweden operates two plants in Limmared and Dalstorp and employs about 120 specialists. CEO Stefan Tingström says:

“People tend to stay at Primo for many years. We even see entire families working here spanning generations. The company is engaged in the local communities and is a part of many activities, and we have a strong commitment to ensuring our products and components live up to the highest standards in terms of quality and environmental footprint. Our anniversary also points towards a future in which we are obliged to think globally and take a leading role in building green business models based on circular economy and recycling.”

Today, Primo operates plants in eight countries – including China – and focuses on long term ventures with clients while taking the lead on environmentally sound production.


PRIMO Sweden celebrates its 60th anniversary

18.4.2019 - PRIMO Sweden celebrates its 60th anniversary

As a part of the family-owned Inter Primo, PRIMO in Sweden will participate in the 60th group anniversary in the coming week, marking a milestone of Nordic innovation and company culture. For decades PRIMO has produced a range of specialised plastic components at two plants in Limmared and Dalstorp.

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Tooling as a vital in-house competence

10.12.2018 - Tooling as a vital in-house competence

Primo is more than just a supplier of extruded profiles. Primo also has its own inhouse tooling centre, developing and designing the correct extrusion tools for new profiles – often improving on the customers’ ideas and making time-to-market faster.

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We can seal it!

3.12.2018 - We can seal it!

This is the motto of Primo GmbH – a specialist producer of seals and gaskets for windows and doors in Hamburg, Germany. The company’s mission is to develop and produce seals of all sorts for all kinds of window and door products, no matter how demanding.

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Operation Clean Sweep a part of Primo’s environmental policies

20.11.2018 - Operation Clean Sweep a part of Primo’s environmental policies

In the spring of 2018, Primo took the final steps in implementing European Operation Clean Sweep® programme (OCS) at all our production facilities throughout Europe. And while the programme is an ongoing process, progress is constantly being made towards the final goal of eliminating plastic pellet waste in the environment.

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Recyclable, useful and clever: Why we believe in plastics

16.11.2018 - Recyclable, useful and clever: Why we believe in plastics

Used correctly, plastics and plastic composites can help reduce the environmental impact of food production, transportation and heating. On top of that, most thermoplastic materials are 100 % recyclable. This is why Primo firmly believes in plastics as the material of tomorrow as well as today.

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New in-house PVC recycling facilities at Primo Germany

4.9.2018 - New in-house PVC recycling facilities at Primo Germany

Primo Germany has just invested in its own PVC regrinding and recycling equipment. The results: Less production waste, more precise control of the use of recycled PVC, and a strong, green product for the window and door producers.

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