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Add innovation.
Get value.

We don’t just extrude profiles.
We help create them.

We produce extruded plastic profiles. That’s what we do, of course, but we do a lot else besides. We help create new products in close collaboration with our customers. Throughout the entire value chain, we bring our passion and our experience to bear so that our customers can rely on us to add extra value every step of the way.

In each of our business areas, you will find dedicated professionals with extensive experience in project development, materials science, standards and regulations, production methods and logistics. Teaming up with your experts, the combined team effort often creates entirely new solutions and smarter ways of getting the product to market.

Getting smarter

What we learn in confidentiality stays confidential. That has always been the Primo way. But we still add to our knowledge base every day, in every project, and what we gain in experience will be to your benefit when we sit down to design a new profile product together.

From the initial rough idea to the first prototype, you’ll find that we are behind you all the way. You know your market and your customers, and we know plastic extrusion down to the last detail. So once the first prototypes are being tested, you can rely on us to be passionately interested in the outcome. With our own tooling department, we can make adjustments quickly until everyone is happy and production can begin.

There’s a lot more to our business than just plastic extrusion.

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