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Environmentally yours

Plastic saves resources. A lot.

Sometimes we feel as if we’re living in a world increasingly made from plastic. There’s a good reason for that. Plastic materials are not only versatile and cost-effective to use, they’re also great news for the environment. So it’s not so surprising that plastics are everywhere.

Less energy spent

First of all, producing items from plastic such as extruded profiles requires less energy than the production of similar items from more conventional materials. And when our customers install plastic components in product packaging or as components in cars, ships, trains and so on, the overall weight of the vehicle goes down and fuel efficiency goes up.

More material recycled

Plastics are great for recycling, too. Pure plastic materials such as rigid PVC can be recycled 100 %, and many other plastic varieties can be collected, granulated and made into products where the demand for material purity is not too exacting, such as plastic bags, bottles, fleece clothing and so forth.

Burn it

Once a plastic item has reached the end of its life cycle, and recycling is no longer an option, it can be incinerated in power plants to generate heat and electricity. According to the EU, this is regarded to be as environmentally friendly as recycling.

At Primo, we are dedicated to finding solutions and to developing products that not only perform extremely well during their lifetime, but are also easy to recycle. Contact us and find out more.