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Plastics. Your choice

Versatile, strong, recyclable, plastics really are the dream material

We Think the World of Plastics

It’s what we claim, and it’s what we do.

We believe that plastics are the materials of the future. Plastic materials possess a number of exciting properties that make them far better suited for any number of applications and make plastic materials a prime candidate for replacing conventional materials such as wood and metal.

The thing about conventional materials is that they are just that – conventional. There’s very little you can do to improve, say, a piece of wood. You’ll find that in most cases metal and wood can be replaced with some form of extruded or co-extruded plastic material for a lighter, more durable and recyclable option with outstanding physical properties.

The development in plastic materials and composite materials is nothing less than staggering, and at Primo, we stay abreast of the development in order to be able to provide you with the best solution in extruded plastic – always.

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