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Advanced extruded tubes and profiles for the medical industry

Tri-layer tubing is often recommended when a single material extrusion will not meet your performance requirements. A tri-layer structure allows the extrusion to have unique characteristics throughout the tube.

  • Lubricious ID
    Tri-layer designs can incorporate specific materials on the inner diameter to improve ID frictional properties.
  • Physical Properties
    Tri-layer tubing can be designed with one of the layers ideally suited to increase burst strength, decrease elongation or improve tensile strength.
  • Bondability
    Tri-layer tubing offers the option of an outer material layer that allows for proper adhesion of ink, or bonding to other thermoplastics components.
  • Delamination
    Tri-layer tubing provides two non-compatible materials the ability to bond together.
  • Encapsulation
    Tri-layer tubing allows a non-medical material/ingredient to be encapsulated between two medical-grade layers.

3-layer Tubes

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