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We’re passionate about extrusion technology

An extrusion resource centre

Primo brings more than 50 years of experience into the development of new products as a plastic resource centre and total supplier of extrusion solutions.

Our dedicated specialists take pride in designing exactly the component that you need and they dedicate themselves to bringing your ideas to life.

It pays to get Primo involved as early as possible. 

We provide expertise in finding the right plastic material, adjusting its properties to meet the specific need and determining the most commercially viable method of production.

See the many options for customising and designing the different parts of an extruded plastic profile here.

Extrusion technology

Extrusion is usually a fully automated process with continuous dimension checks and automatic machine adjustment. This makes it possible to manufacture a wide variety of products from simple tubes and rods to extremely complex window profiles. Extrusion also enables the manufacture of very large products. 

In many cases, co-extrusion – manufacturing with different types of plastic – is the optimum solution, for instance in the manufacture of glazing strips with integrated sealing strips. The plastic can also be extruded around other products, such as conducting or stabilising materials.

As an extension of the extrusion process, Primo can perform a variety of finishing work on plastic products. These include in-line machining, for instance, for the application of film, printing of barcodes, bending, etc. Finishing work can also include drilling, folding, welding, gluing and more. 

Primo is also rapidly becoming a resource centre for pultrusion technology and expertise.

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