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It’s all about plastics

When you're in the process of developing a new product, think about plastics. The many different types of plastics offer many different properties. It's all about choosing the right type of plastic for a particular product or end-use.

We can provide a valuable extruded plastics solution and are always willing to discuss the various possibilities with you.

Plastics can be formed into an enormous variety of complex shapes; it can be rigid or flexible, and it can facilitate design solutions in thousands of applications. Plastics can also be co-extruded to achieve a combination of properties.

Primo can find a plastic solution which in most cases will be superior to any other materials you may have in mind. 

Primo is also rapidly becoming a resource center for pultrusion technology and expertise.

Plastic advantages

Multifunctional: Plastics can be hard or soft – rigid or flexible – light or heavy – any colour – any application for any purpose. Plastics are ideal materials for a number of applications - insulating, protecting, covering and a whole lot more…

Eco-friendly: Plastics are non-conductive and energy-saving in production, transportation and maintenance – plus they are recyclable & reusable.

Strong and resistant: Plastics offer high impact resistance and bending strength. Plastics are non-corrosive and resistant to weather, acids, lye, solvents and oil. Plastics are UV-resistant and offer perfect water resistance.

Low friction: Plastics have a low friction coefficient and are ideal for durable and moving parts such as gears, cogwheels, conveyor belts, bearings etc.





The plastics family

Plastics are primarily derived from oil and natural gas. Thus, they're organically-based materials which are further processed into many different “synthetic” product groups. The various types of plastics all have different structures that determine their properties, like hard or soft, rigid or flexible, and so on. These characteristics, and their combinations, are limited only by the imagination. 

At Primo, we are not only extrusion experts. Our experienced plastics specialists ensure that we stay at the absolute forefront in material expertise and new material combinations and, not least, in close cooperation with our strategic suppliers. We even have our own PVC compounding facility, also serving external compound customers.

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