How plastic can be a part of the solution

Sustainable plastic production

At Inter Primo, we think globally and take a leading role in building green business models based on circular economy and recycling.

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Defining the green future of plastic

We are genuinely concerned about the environment, and we believe that the plastic pollution debate is an opportunity for forward-looking organisations and plastic producers to help define the future of plastics. We are already well underway. Primo takes a proactive position on sustainable production, use and disposal of plastics, including PVC, leading the way with exemplary practices.

Recycling of plastic in practice

At Primo’s production plants recycling of plastic is a part of the daily process. 

Our facilities have re-grinding machinery, that lets us reuse waste plastic, profiles with errors or pieces that for some reasons, cannot be delivered. Furthermore, at our plants, more than 20% of all the PVC used in Primo come from recycled PVC, and we are keen to support international and local recycling organisations like the Danish WUPPI initiative. 


Clean plastic plants

Committed to sustainable plastic production.

All our plastic production facilities live up to the industry agreement, Operation Clean Sweep. This means that all facilities have procedures in place that do not allow for plastic residues to be let out in nature. Recycling of plastic is an integrated part of our business model and our design, counselling and production of plastic for our clients. We always strive to consider recyclability, building it into our designs whenever possible.

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Plastic innovation for a better future

Rethinking the plastic innovation process step by step.

Inter Primo excels in customer specific plastic solutions. Our process is based on several detailed steps to ensure a perfect match between customer's needs and our more than 60 years of experience with plastic innovation. Every part of this process – from idea to product – is based on sustainable principles. 

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