Our operational commitments


    We firmly believe that to support our customers and achieve our commercial goals, we must ensure operational excellence within our organization, especially in a sustainability context. The operational commitments below are part of our FUTURE FIT initiative. By optimizing our processes and enhancing our capabilities, we can deliver exceptional products and services to customers — and still, commit to sustainability.

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    Sustainability and Future Fit Commitments at Primo
Sustainability efforts at Primo with FUTURE FIT

Our climate and energy footprint

We aim to reduce our total CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030, compared to the 2019 baseline. 

Simple yet impactful actions like turning off lights to investing in solar panels and other green-energy sources help reduce our carbon footprint. We also prioritize energy-efficient machinery when making equipment choices and have entered into strategic energy agreements that align with our sustainability goals.  

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Our waste and water footprint

We're committed to ensuring that 100% of our local sites have certified environmental systems with local waste and water reduction programmes by 2025.  

Our efforts are guided by the ISO 14001 standard, which provides a framework for establishing an effective environmental management system. We're also enhancing our responsible sourcing practices.  

By integrating waste and water management into our sustainability approach, we aim to achieve a comprehensive and impactful reduction in our environmental impact.  

Our waste and water management strategy involves implementing initiatives from Operation Clean Sweep.  

Minimizing waste throughout our supply chain is also crucial. We're doing this by following the waste reduction plans in each of our factories — sorting and recycling materials such as cardboard, wood, and metal.

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Innovative water management at Primo facilities
Responsible resource management with Primo and FUTURE FIT

Our raw material footprint

We're aiming to reuse 100% of all raw material plastic waste from production by 2025. 

Valuable resources are reused, not wasted. Maximizing the use of valuable resources minimizes their waste throughout our operations.  

Customised programs enhance the sorting and handling of scrap at our factories. It's then distributed to our other factories for reuse. This creates a more efficient production process, in line with our sustainability goals. 

Technology investment is key, too. Material separation technology means we can separate material types from co-extruded profiles. This again increases our ability to reuse our own production scrap significantly. Granulation and dosing technology allow us to process and dose scrap accurately in production. 

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Jaakko Salo Group Commercial Director
Jaakko Salo
Group Commercial Director

Jaakko Salo is the group's head of sales, with a broad understanding of the different markets and industries. He is also our specialist in linear lighting profiles, busbars, and diffusers: As an experienced expert in the field, Jaakko's many years of experience and contributions show his deep comprehension of the possibilities of the linear lighting landscape. He's committed to innovation in his work and has collaborated with architects, designers, and industry partners to create lighting profiles that go beyond mere functionality. Jaakko can help you shape your success and light the way for the industry.

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