Custom solutions for plastic extrusion: 

Innovate together

Our team of specialists and project managers will assist you from the very beginning of your project to the final delivery. As a leading plastic manufacturer, we support your project with the latest in materials science, production technology, market knowledge and plastic engineering expertise to create a solution that is technologically and commercially sound and suited to your needs. Logistics, traceability, quality control and after after-sales service also play vital roles in the final supply chain.

A train journey illustrates our product development process as a track of innovation with multiple stations. Get on the train at the station which is most obviously apparent to your needs and continue as long as you like – straight to the end or with one or more stops on the way. 

Any station on the ‘Innovation Line’ can be an essential step in the plastic extrusion development process; we call this process ‘innovate together’. 

Green plastic for a sustainable Future

Sustainability is at the core of Inter Primo's business and is integreated into all our procecess. Our vision is a world without plastic pollution. We aim high and take action whereever we can.

For instance, we are investing in machines to re-grind used plastic so it can be re-cyckled in circular business models. We secure that no microplastic particles leaves our factories as a part of Marine Litter Solutions.

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