Boat profiles, rub rails and dock bumpers for the marine industry

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    A wide range of standard and custom solutions for leisure boats, yachts and cabin cruisers.

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    Boat Leisure Bumper Profiles
Profiles for Boats & Yachts

Your marine industry partner in profiles like dock bumpers and rub rails for cabin cruisers and yachts

Primo has significant experience in providing marine graded polymer solutions to the marine industry and is today collaborating and developing solutions with a large number of boat builders.

Fiberglass hulls with protection profiles is a perfect combination for securing durability and low maintenance. With a dedicated and specialised expert team we tailor our solutions to meet our customer requirements for: 

Plastic profiles such as rub rails, bumper profiles and dock bumpers designed for efficient fastening to lower our customer costs

Deep material know-how for optimizing customer solutions with respect to e.g. UV-resistance, material softness, durability and sustainability

Tailored logistic setup and possibly local manufacturing ensuring on-time deliveries, lower CO2-emissions footprint and shorter lead times

Extensive marine project management know-how and marine standard program for fast and efficient time to market process

Dedicated material specialists and production lines for the marine industry as well as in-house tooling department

Boat bumpers for transport

PVC dock bumpers, rub rails and protection profiles for the marine industry

Exclusively for the marine industry and builders of wooden or glassfiber hulls, we have developed high-quality PVC raw materials for dock bumpers, bumper profiles and rub rails. Several shore hardness and raw material options are available thanks to our decade long deep insight into composition of polymer materials.

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Profiles for trailers and bodies

Protective profiles for the hull, like boat profiles, dock bumpers and rub rails from Primo are:

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Designed for your requirements
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Effective and safe leaving no marks from an impact
  • Recyclable and fully documented
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to maintain
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Primo provides profiles for leisure boats


Choose among an extensive selection of bumper profiles in our standard profile programme for wooden and glassfiber hulls.

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Bumpers and profiles for the marine industry
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