Plastics favoured for subsea cabling

Bjørn Hågan Bjørn Hågan

Primo’s plastic profiles are used in the offshore industry for subsea cabling applications. Our profiles are manufactured through extrusion processes, resulting in customized shapes and dimensions, tailored to the specific product. Extruded plastic profiles are used for cable management systems providing support, stability/fixation and protection to cables in offshore subsea systems and installations on the sea bed. We support market leading manufacturers of power cables, power umbilicals and umbilicals.

Undersea cables and solutions by Primo

A wide range of material options

Plastics are chosen for their corrosion resistance and durability and their unique sealing properties. At Primo, we work with a range of thoroughly tested materials. Some materials fibers are better than others for specific applications. Properties that distinguish the different materials fibers include among others tensile strength, modulus, elongation and conductive.

The final design of an extruded plastic profile depends on factors such as the environmental conditions, chemical exposure, load requirements, and industry regulations. Custom development of the profile allows for precise design and manufacturing to meet the unique needs of offshore projects.

Protecting rods for subsea cabling

Polymer rods rarely substitute steel completely. Rather, a combination is preferred depending on the nature of the cable. Modern material analysis and practical experiences with thousands of kilometers subsea cabling suggest that between 33 to 50 pct. replacement is optimal for balancing durability and weight. For greater depths, 100% fiber-based solutions are preferred.

RODS - Key Features and Benefits

  • Protect the elements within the cable from mechanical impact and elongation.
  • Replacement of steel rods
  • Different fibers depended on the customer requirements
  • Colour identification for easy tracking
  • Corrosion free
  • Low density and high ratio of strength/weight
  • Reduce the electrical interference

Logistic set-up reduces the lead time

Primo has the largest number of production lines in the industry, securing rapid response to client’s needs. This gives the possibility to run multiple lines in parallel to decrease the lead time. In order to secure a stable logistic supply chain, our production sites in Northern Germany and in Sweden have a storage area for large scale projects wherefrom cable drums are delivered as needed directly to the site of operation.

Get the design guide for fibre reinforced thermoplastic rods

Offshore Plastics For Submarine Rods
Jacketing selection, Polymer selection is based on application, temperature resistant, friction and the necessity of chemical adhesion

For more information on polymer rods and other polymer solutions for subsea cabling contact our offshore specialists:

Bjørn Hågan, Managing Director at Primo Norge AS
Bjørn Hågan
Managing Director at Primo Norge AS

As Managing Director of Primo Norge AS and head of the group's offshore business, Bjørn is at the helm of one of the industry's leading authorities on offshore polymer profiles. With 25 years of professional experience dedicated to Primo, he is a true pioneer in the field. Primo Offshore serves the world's largest suppliers of subsea cabling, an industry that demands state-of-the-art quality and safety. Bjørn is also the contact person for major Norwegian companies in a wide range of industries.
Speaks: English, Norwegian

Gerard is a highly skilled professional when it comes to polymers, specifically PVC. He has a degree in polymer engineering and has been working with plastic materials for many years. For the past decade, he has provided valuable support to the offshore and cable industry. As a key account manager, he partners with leading, global enterprises.
Speaks: English, Swedish, Danish, Polish

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