Seals, bumpers & hoses for the transport industry

  • Extruded door seals for the transport industry

    Discover our comprehensive range of engineered profiles designed to elevate performance and durability across the transportation sector. From sealing solutions to protective bumpers and versatile hoses.

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  • Primo Door Sealing System

    Discover the DIY door sealing system for truck doors and learn all about the benefits for your company.

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    Welding machine for door sealings
Make your own door sealings

Door sealing systems

Primo offers you a unique and simple solution that makes it possible for you to cut, trim and weld door sealings in your own workshop. It is easy to operate and with high cost-efficiency. Scroll down and watch the videos to learn about the benefits of Primo's DIY door sealing system.

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Sealing for trailors and trucks

Customised profiles for the transport industry – we bring ideas to market

The flexibility, durability and sustainability of many plastics make them ideal materials for the intermodal and marine environment. Primo is an experienced supplier of tailored solutions of profiles and parts for marine and automotive applications.  We produce custom applications for cars, trucks, buses, vans, lorries, trailers, containers and off-road vehicles such as agricultural and construction equipment. We also supply special seals and bumpers for boats and even insulators and covers for trains.

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Plastic profiles for rail, bus and metro applications

Primo provides the public transport sector with a wide range of insulators and covers for trains and buses.

We deliver customised profiles for applications like

  • hat racks 
  • banisters
  • traction units
  • seats
  • edges - for protection
  • decoration lists

Partnering up with Primo you get the possibility to gather your supplies: We design and produce seals, gaskets, covers and insulators according to your needs and in the optimum material.


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Profiles for the automotive industry by Primo
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Environmental requirements for plastic in the transport industry

Ever-stricter environmental requirements are being imposed on marine and automotive industry and their components. Primo can advise manufacturers on recyclable materials for both single-component and multi-component solutions.
The lower the density of plastic, the greater the loading capacity. Primo introduces new grades of plastic that reduce weight while maintaining or even improving strength. Lower weight leads to lower fuel consumption. Contact our expert teams for more information about sustainability and lifetime chain CO2-calculations for your next project. 
Primo extrudes most plastic materials, from rigid and soft thermoplastics to wood composites, silicon and glass-fibre reinforced polyester.

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Do you want to know more about our solutions for automotive and transportation?

Jesper H. Thomsen, Sales and Business Development Transport
Jesper Helveg Thomsen
Business Area Director

Jesper has been a B2B sales expert at Primo for over 20 years and is recognised for his combination of technical knowledge and business expertise. He has extensive business knowledge in a wide range of industries; for the past years he has been Business Area Director for the Transport Industry, focusing on the transport and automotive industries. His in-depth knowledge of profiles for truck and trailer door sealing systems makes him your first point of contact for any project in this area. Jesper drives and leads the Transport business together with his dedicated international sales team.
Speaks: English, Danish, German

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