Innovative polymer profiles for the industrial door industry

  • Polymer Profiles Redefine the Industrial Door Sector

    Our versatile and durable polymer profiles for industrial doors are redefining the construction and functionality of industrial doors. With their unique properties, plastic profiles are improving the performance and contributing to increased efficiency.

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Polymer Profiles For Industrial Doors

Innovative solution development

Decades of innovative solution development in close collaboration with large industrial door manufacturers have made Primo a leading provider of innovative polymer solutions for the industrial door industry.

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Polymer profiles for gates and doors

INDUSTRIAL GATES & DOORS: 1. Spring traverses 2. Top sealings 3. Side sealings 4. Bottom sealings 5. Glazing beads 6. Thresholds 7. Light covers 8. Frame sealings

Polymer profiles around industrial doors

Extruded profiles for industrial doors and gates

We offer door manufacturers individual solutions such as:

✓  Co-extruded side seals in PVC and PP

✓  Top- and bottom seals

✓  Glazing beads

✓  Panel profiles

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Our profile solutions brings our customer values

Decades of experience within plastic profiles for industrial doors has made Primo the obvious business partner and supplier: 

✓  Our broad product portfolio offers covering the full scope of polymer solutions for industrial doors

✓  In-depth design and material knowhow for weather resistant polymer solutions with optimal insulation properties

✓  Extensive project management know-how for fast and efficient time to market process

✓  Tailored logistic setup and possible local manufacturing ensuring on-time deliveries and shorter lead times

✓  Profiles are designed for optimising our customer assembly process

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Profiles from Primo for industrial doors and gates


The various types of plastics all have different structures that determine their properties, like rigid or soft, flexible, and so on. These characteristics, and their combinations, are limited only by the imagination. 

Reshaping products and igniting innovation in polymer extrusion.

Engaged customers, from designers to engineers, fuel meaningful discussions. Our shared material language combines their needs with our expertise, refining plastic profiles for optimum results.

Decades of cross-industry polymer expertise, makes Primo your dedicated partner providing specialized units for medical tubing, subsea cables, and automotive gaskets..

Clients arrive with finished drawings or sketches, opening doors for collaborative improvement. Thanks to the right polymer, tool, and our material knowledge, we enhance profiles and their functions. With accumulated international experience, we're adept at suggesting superior polymers and faster processes.

The right material is a crucial factor for the properties of your profile and final product. Plastic's adaptability creates intricate shapes, offering flexibility, strength, and diverse applications. Primo leads with superior plastic solutions, embracing sustainability and recyclability.

Versatility: Plastics serve countless roles, from insulation to decoration.

Durability: Resistant to impact, weather, and chemicals, plastics offer reliability.

Efficiency: Low friction suits moving parts, ensuring longevity.

Eco-Friendly: Energy-efficient and recyclable, plastics champion sustainability.

Elevate your products and accelerate time to market with expertise. Our comprehensive approach encompasses tooling, profile design, material expertise, and streamlined development. Harnessing these elements transforms your vision into superior products, while expediting your journey to market success.

For us, every new concept is a new challenge that involves all stakeholders. But our journey doesn't stop there. Every plastic product has the potential for improvement, expansion or material innovation.

Your customers may require additional documentation to meet evolving regulations.

We see the endpoint as an exploration of uncharted territory, a springboard for a new journey ahead.

Computer control and monitoring ensures that all information is updated during production. Our traceability system is an integrated part of our ERP system, Oracle. The quality module that guarantees total control and documentation. All Primo products are fully documented and data sheets can be supplied on request. 

Polymer profiles around windows

Standard profiles – always in stock

Choose among a wide range of standard profiles for Industrial gates and doors.

Discover our Standard Products for Industrial Doors
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Jaakko Salo Group Commercial Director
Jaakko Salo
Group Commercial Director

Jaakko Salo is the group's head of sales, with a broad understanding of the different markets and industries. In close collaboration with Primo’s dedicated sales teams, Jaakko is your guarantee for a future-fit approach to product development. In the area of sales development, Jaakko is at the forefront of the search for advanced solutions with a lower carbon footprint and faster time-to-market, in line with our FUTURE FIT programme and our slogan "Profiles of Tomorrow".
Speaks: English, Finnish

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