Plastic product development starts with an idea


    Primo is your experienced development and plastic extrusion partner when it comes to creating innovative profiles that create impact.

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The creative process in plastic product development

Your idea is the basis for the development process of any new product and solution. This is where we put the plastic innovation idea to the test. We are creative in terms of design, ease of use, agility in the production process, durability and many other important factors, including compliance with standards and legal requirements.

Primo is your knowledge partner for plastic extrusion


We are here to elevate your business to the next level by improving your product beyond the usual - and beyond the competition. Together we will make a difference, and we will challenge your ideas about modern polymer extrusion. 

Our customers want to be challenged, and they are very much engaged in the discussions. Typically, we are talking to designers, technicians, and engineers at our customers, who also have a deep understanding of materials. This is what makes our job very interesting since we speak the same language. The task is to combine our experience and material knowledge with our clients' often particular product requirements. During this process, the profile can be altered several times, but we make sure it is always for the better.


Thomas Werkhoven, tool design manager at Primo says

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We are proud to have specialised business units for such diverse areas as medical tubing, subsea umbilical and polymer gaskets for the automotive industry.

Sometimes customers come to us with a finished set of drawings for a new profile – including a choice of material. Sometimes it’s more loosely formulated, perhaps in the form of a few sketches and not much more. Quite often we are able to sit down with the customer and start improving on the idea from the start. With our knowledge of polumers, tools and materials, we can often see how a profile or a extrusion production process may be improved. We may also be able to add value by improving the functionality of the plastic profile and its features. Or we may come up with suggestions for better polymer materials or faster production processes. That’s the benefit of having decades of accumulated, international experience from several business areas.


Helge Nørgaard, Construction Manager, Primo

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Jaakko Salo Group Commercial Director
Jaakko Salo
Group Commercial Director

Jaakko Salo is the group's head of sales, with a broad understanding of the different markets and industries. He is also our specialist in linear lighting profiles, busbars, and diffusers: As an experienced expert in the field, Jaakko's many years of experience and contributions show his deep comprehension of the possibilities of the linear lighting landscape. He's committed to innovation in his work and has collaborated with architects, designers, and industry partners to create lighting profiles that go beyond mere functionality. Jaakko can help you shape your success and light the way for the industry.

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