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    Our sustainability journey is driven by a commitment to be more environmentally conscious and support sustainable development. Under the FUTURE FIT initiative, our sustainability efforts are not just a choice but a necessity – for our clients and us. Our overarching goal is to contribute to our customers' improved environmental footprint through our commitments.

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    Sustainability and Future Fit Commitments at Primo
Sustainability and Future Fit Commitments

Helping you reduce your CO2 emissions

We're committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our products by offering specific options for CO2 reductions in 50% of our quotes by 2025. This commitment supports our customers in reducing their carbon emissions and helps us contribute to the global effort combatting climate change.  

Some of the CO2-reducing options we offer customers include lowering material use, using more recycled/renewable material, and closing the waste loop by designing profiles that can be easily disassembled, recycled, or reused at the end of their life. We also promote conversion to plastic in CO2-efficient applications from a life-cycle perspective. 

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Driving innovation in sustainable materials and designs 

30% of our raw materials will come from recycled or renewable materials by 2030. This commitment will drive innovation in sustainable materials and designs, promoting eco-friendly materials with a lower environmental impact.  


  • Collaborating with suppliers and customers to increase the use of recycled and renewable materials  
  • Partnering with customers, suppliers, peers, and recycling companies 
  • Developing designs that can reduce CO2 emissions, for example through lower weight and better insulation properties
  • Advocating the use of safe and clean substances in virgin and recycled materials
  • Engaging in partnerships and coalitions to increase plastic collection efforts 
  • Choosing suitable materials that can optimise the sustainable performance of the profile and of the end product
  • Continuously exploring innovative and sustainable solutions at our Technology and Innovation Centre 
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Primo's commitment to our suppliers
Sustainability - Primo and Ragn Sells

Closing the loop on plastic waste 

We're committed to collecting 50,000 tonnes of plastic waste for recycling in collaboration with external partners by 2030.  

It's how we promote the circular economy and help close the loop on plastic waste in the environment so that valuable resources are reused and not wasted. We're implementing formal and systematic collection systems for discarded plastic from our customers and through third-party collaborations.  

In partnership with PVC collection companies like Ragn-Sells, we're working to collect and recycle plastic waste. We aim to collect for recycling 50,000 tonnes of plastic waste by 2030, closing the loop and helping to ensure a sustainable future. 

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Jaakko Salo Group Commercial Director
Jaakko Salo
Group Commercial Director

Jaakko Salo is the group's head of sales, with a broad understanding of the different markets and industries. He is also our specialist in linear lighting profiles, busbars, and diffusers: As an experienced expert in the field, Jaakko's many years of experience and contributions show his deep comprehension of the possibilities of the linear lighting landscape. He's committed to innovation in his work and has collaborated with architects, designers, and industry partners to create lighting profiles that go beyond mere functionality. Jaakko can help you shape your success and light the way for the industry.

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