Primo Design Guide

Download our logos, templates, photos and graphic elements here. 

The principal aim of this design manual is to ensure, as far as possible, that the companies in the PRIMO Group always present a uniform image, both in-house and to the outside world. The manual cannot cater for all the questions which may be raised in connection with the use of our name, logo and official image in any given context, any given country and at any given time.

This means that it is very much the responsibility of the management and every employee of our group to always consider and uphold our image and the values for which we stand. If you are in any doubt, please contact the Group management or one of its appointed representatives.

How to use Primo's logos, templates and images

Here you can find a selection of templates for documents, brochures and presentations in compliance with Primo's design guidelines.


Here you can find a selection of Primos logos, colours and clothing guidelines.

Logos and colours

Here you can find a selection of photos of Primo plastic profiles, our technology, staff and factories.