Primo Design Guide - Templates 

Download our templates for presentations, stationary, advertisments etc. here.

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Primo advertisment files

Download our corporate brochures templates here:

Primo Advertisment files

Here you can find templates for advertising purposes in various formats. Download the InDesign files package here: 

Primo Advertisment files zip

Primo fonts

Download our company fonts here: 

Download Primo fonts Zip

The Raleway font is as a rule used universally by the Group, from corporate stationery to printed matter.

For web and PC use, and as alternative font, use the Arial standard font set.  

Primo Payoff

Download our company payoffs here: 

Primo Business Area Brochure Template

Download Primo's Business Area Brochure template here as an Indesign file: 

Download Primo print communication

Here you can download the Indesign file for creating Business Area Brochures: 

Primo Business Area Brochure 

Primo stationary graphic templates

Download Primo stationary such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes here: 

Download Business Card templates

Download the Indesign template for Primo business cards here: 

Primo Business Card

Primo letterhead templates

Primo letterheads are available in two versions: 1) For online use and 2) For prints. Download Primo's Indesign templates for letterheads here: 

Primo Letterheads

Primo envelope templates

Here you will find versions of the Primo envelope template  (C4, C5 and M65) Download them all here in a single zip-file: 

Primo Envelopes