Primo announces inauguration of new Technology & Innovation Centre

Date: 07/09/2023


On 7 September 2023 at 13:00, Primo inaugurates a state-of-the-art technology and innovation centre in Denmark. The new centre marks a significant step for Primo, which with a unifying unit, coordinates and expands the company's testing and development activities, which are spread over eight different countries.

New Technology and Innovation Centre in Denmark New Technology and Innovation Centre in Denmark

The new technology and innovation centre is located at Primo's factory in south-west Denmark. It will serve as the group's centre for materials development, sustainability and production technologies within extrusion, digitalisation and automation. By establishing the centre, Primo is demonstrating its commitment to being a leader in its core business - the extrusion of plastic profiles - and to taking a proactive approach to extrusion and materials science. Not least, the centre will form the basis of the sustainable ambitions to which Primo has committed itself through its Future Fit environmental and climate programme. 

The centre will be equipped with specialised production lines dedicated to development and testing. It will also have its in-house tooling department, which has been upgraded and automated. 

The centre will focus on three core areas 

Production technology: Primo will uncover more intelligent production technologies and processes, including increased digitalisation, automation, in-line processes and machine learning, to improve the customer's product, for example, in terms of durability, energy consumption, finishing, tolerances and time-to-market. 

Tools and design: The centre will develop strategies that can save our customers and their customers time, money and CO2, and Primo will be able to produce tools with higher precision and create innovative solutions for even more different industries. 

Materials: Primo's team will carry out development projects with extensive research, especially to optimise material properties, e.g., new variants and combinations that improve the plastic's environmental profile. 

Ambition to contribute to the green transition 

Group CTO Allan Larsen highlights the centre as a catalyst for a proactive approach: 

- "Our goal is to optimise processes and production technologies while at the same time contributing to the green transition together with our customers.”  

With this centre, we are significantly increasing our ability to innovate by taking a proactive approach that maximises our expertise in extrusion and materials science. With the new technology and innovation centre, we are signalling our ambition to be the industry leader in innovative materials and solutions," says CEO Claus Tønnesen.  


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