More than thirty years of busbar production for the lighting industry

Primo's commitment to the lighting industry and decades of experience in the area means that Primo have a solid knowledge and documentation of material properties. For instance, exact figures about how different plastic types insulate electricity and behave under stress are important when designing new products.

Busbars allow electric power to be distributed to moveable units

Our sales manager Joakim Häggblom at Primo Finland, has written this fine piece on how Primo Finland is taking the lead as suppliers of profiles for the lighting industry. If you ever wondered what a busbar is and how they are produced, read on here at his LinkedIn profile:

About Primo 

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the Danish group has sales and production activities at 11 locations in Europe and China. The group currently has 980 employees and a turnover of 205 million EUR (per 31.12.2022). The company was founded and owned by the Grunnet family and, since its beginning in 1959, has specialised in designing and producing customer-specific profile solutions in plastic.