Changing the way we seal our doors and windows

We are proud to present a new product that will change the way we seal our windows and doors, the Eco Softline gasket.

Eco Softline - Softline sealing gasket profile is made solely from TPE/TPV

At Primo, we are continually challenging our markets with new materials and products. For decades we have researched and developed plastic types together with material scientists and our customers. One up-and-coming area is the introduction of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) in general appliances. The advantage here is that TPE can replace traditional PVC with added softening chemicals such as phthalate esters because TPE has elastic properties.

TPE has another property that has made it increasingly sought after. TPE is easy to recycle.

Our customers in the building industry are constantly looking for ways to improve building materials to construct more sustainable buildings. This also goes for sealing profiles for windows and doors. Traditionally these sealing gaskets have been made by extruding several plastic types into one single gasket that is applied to the window or door frame. The problem is that a profile consisting of multiple types of plastic is tough to recycle because the parts need to be separated. We are now introducing a gasket in recyclable material designed to cover our customers’ functional requirements.  

The Eco Softline sealing gasket profile is made solely from TPE/TPV. This means that at the end of the products life cycle, the gasket can be stripped off the windows or door and remolded into a new TPE/TPV product - without loss of its chemical properties.

Besides, the new Eco Softline gasket has a range of advantages in daily use. It is easy to clean and durable because it will maintain its function for years, even if it is scratched – thanks to the encapsulated microbubbles in the soft part of the gasket.

The Eco Softline is now on the market. Read more about it here.

About Primo 

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