Innovative RFID-tagged gutters

New tech to be shown publicly for the first time and presented at GreenTech Crops Theatre on June 16th.

Innovative RFID-tagged gutters
Innovative RFID-tagged gutters showcased at GreenTech

Primo and the Finnish vertical farming company Netled are showcasing new, innovative RFID-tagged gutters at GreenTech in Amsterdam between 14-16 June. 

Netled wanted to give their customers valuable data they could use to fine-tune their growing processes. Adding RFID tags that tracked individual growing gutters as they moved through their Vera® farming system would meet that need. 

They approached Primo with specific requirements and specifications for an RFID tag, and the two companies started working together on a solution.

Big leap forward 

Toni Ryhänen, Chief Technology Officer at Netled, says,

“Our customers wanted to identify individual gutters and capture information about the plants growing in them. The tags hold information about the type and number of plants, and the amount of time they spend in our Vera® system. At an industrial scale – where you have thousands of gutters in the system and millions of plants being grown – the ability to automatically track gutters and gather information is a big leap forward with significant benefits for our customers.”  

Most intelligent in the world 

Primo’s Business Development Manager, Janne Mäkisalo, is also excited about the innovation. “The tagged gutters are the most intelligent in the world. Netled’s Vera® vertical farming systems are a great example of how RFID technology can be implemented into gutters for production facilities. We are thrilled to be able to showcase them at GreenTech Amsterdam alongside Netled. It is one thing to be innovative, but it is another to be able to show actual use cases at industrial scale.”  

The gutters come with specifically spaced pre-drilled holes for pots, an ultrasound-welded end cover, a drip nose, a green co-extrusion layer that reduces algae growth, the Netled logo, production date, and a pre-attached RFID tag. All gutters produced for Vera® systems will be equipped with RFID tags.

Netled and Primo will both be exhibiting at GreenTech Amsterdam between 14-16 June. They will present Netled’s Vera® vertical farming system at the Crops Theatre on June 16th, 12:45 - 13:15.

You can find Netled at Stand 02.402 and Primo at Stand 02.319. 

Innovative RFID-tagged gutters showcased at GreenTech Amsterdam
Innovative RFID-tagged gutters showcased at GreenTech Amsterdam

About Primo 

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