Joining forces at Compamed

At Compamed in Dusseldorf, three medico companies will be exhibiting together: Primo Medico, SP Medical and Melitek. All three companies offer specialist plastic products to the medical industry – and their combined expertise can form a unified supply chain for OEM customers, too.

Primo Medical Tubing is showcasing at Compamed

Primo Medico, SP Medical and Melitek have a long tradition of developing solutions for international OEM customers, both independently and in strong collaboration. At Compamed, their joint presence will focus on the customer’s benefit in working together with companies that know each other very well:

“It’s become almost a tradition for us to have a common presence at this exhibition,” says sales manager Ville Pitkänen from Primo Medico. “We have shared a booth many times before, and we join forces at Compamed because we also join forces in real life, so to speak."

"Together, we can offer customers everything from compounding to extrusion, moulding, assembly and after-treatment. Exhibiting together has other advantages, too – we can help each other welcome visitors in style at a really exciting and inviting booth,” he adds.

Teaming up is a natural choice

SP Medical are experts in guide wires for medical use and in surface coating of medical devices. Exhibiting jointly with Primo and Melitek is a natural choice according to Svend-Erik Jensen, sales manager at SP Medical.

“Basically, our products complement each other extremely well. We use profiles extruded by Primo in our own production, and they in turn use compounds developed by Melitek. It’s a cooperation that gives us a lot of synergies, and we can give our customers the same benefits,” says Svend-Erik Jensen.

“At the exhibition we can show our customers our individual solutions, but they can also witness how three medico companies can join forces and offer a total supply line all the way from compounding to finished and packaged product.”

An established supply chain

The third exhibiting partner is Melitek, a Danish plastic compounding company specialising in elastomer and polymer compounds for medical use.

Business director Jesper Laursen explains Melitek’s involvement in the joint booth: 

“We are three companies from the same line of business, but at different places in the supply chain. We all deal in plastics for medical uses, and we have a long history of working together in projects for many international OEMs – so when new customers come to us, they can get a project or a new product rolling a lot faster than if they have to build an entire supply chain themselves.”

The three companies exhibit together in hall B, stand 08b/L09.

Compamed takes place at Messe Düsseldorf from the 16th to the 19th of November 2015.

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