Meet the new international gasket sales team

Three new sales representatives join Primo’s gasket team to boost markets reach in Europe and beyond.

Primo Gasket Team
The new Gasket Team

The sales team from left to right: 

1. Krzysztof Debski, Business Unit Director, Gasket business
2. Martina Jankowski
3. Jörg Neis
4. Paula Peňa-Gantes
5. Joachim Dausch
6. Benjamin Hespeler
7. Rachid Koulij
8. Krzysztof Gąska

Primo’s new gasket sales team met for the first time in Hamburg, Germany, this September. The team consists of experienced product specialists and three new members: Rachid Koulij, Krzysztof Gąska, and Paula Peňa-Gantes. 

”Borders do not bind the new team; we are considering all Europe and occasionally also the rest of the world our field of action. Notably, we have huge expectations on the southern and Central Eastern European markets thanks to our new staff with insight in those market,” says Krzysztof Debski, Primo´s Business Unit Director for the Gasket section. 

He is confident that the focused sales team will have a significant impact on the market. 

”While Primo is market-leading in Northern Europe in gaskets, we have significant potential in the above-mentioned regions. This combined with our price structure and a massive range of high-quality products will allow us to gain a larger market share. We are also about to market some ground-breaking new standard products for conventional industries which we believe will be game-changers,” Krzysztof Debski says.

The new, extensive sales organization is a result of Primo’s sector-specific sales strategy. Similar specialized teams are strengthened in areas such as Medico and Offshore.

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About Primo 

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