New group sales manager for Central and Eastern Europe

Georgi Giochev of Primo Poland has been announced as group sales manager for Primo in Central and Eastern Europe.

Georgi Giochev of Primo Poland has just been announced as group sales manager for Primo in Central and Eastern Europe. His appointment is part of Primo’s efforts to increase focus on customer support in the region, making a strong local presence even stronger.

As the newly appointed group sales manager, Georgi Giochev will be tasked with the management of all sales activities in the entire Central and Eastern European region. He was previously responsible for all export sales in Primo Poland, and his activities will now extend to all sales for all Primo business areas in the CEE region, giving Primo’s customers a dedicated local representative. 

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of being part of the dynamically developing business in CEE, providing high-tech products based on our knowledge in different industries. We have more than 50 years of experience in Primo, and I know that whatever our customers will require of us, we can do it,” Mr. Giochev says.  

A local presence in growing markets

Georgi Giochev has long experience working with Primo’s customers in the Central and Eastern European region. As the new group sales manager, he will support the various industries which Primo serves. This increased local presence also means that customers can always rely on speaking with someone who knows their language – Russian, Polish, etc; the CEE sales force is truly local. 

“The CEE region has large growth potential, and one of our strengths is that we know our market and our customers,“ Mr. Giochev says. “Our brand is strong, and the fact that we can deliver all sorts of extruded profiles such as co-extruded profiles, foamed profiles and compound profiles makes us one of the most attractive business partners for producers in our region. And the most important thing: We’re there for our customers – we have a strong local presence in the CEE markets, so we are ideally suited to act as long-term business partners. Our customers know it, and they rely on us to deliver quality. Every time.”


About Primo 

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the Danish group has sales and production activities at 11 locations in Europe and China. The group currently has 980 employees and a turnover of 205 million EUR (per 31.12.2022). The company was founded and owned by the Grunnet family and, since its beginning in 1959, has specialised in designing and producing customer-specific profile solutions in plastic.