Opening doors to the Spanish market

Primo's European gasket sales and advisory team is going stronger than ever. Meet Primo's new International Sales & Business Development Manager, Paula Peña Gantes

Paula Peña Gantes has returned to Primo as part of the gaskets sales team after being away for five years. In her new position as International Sales & Business Development Manager, Peña, originally from Spain, will take advantage of her intercultural skills and knowledge of the local culture to drive forward the huge potential within the Spanish building market:

“Back when I started at Primo in 2006, the Spanish gasket market was smaller due to the country’s economic situation,” says Peña.

“Now there is a huge potential for door gaskets. Previously, gaskets for windows were more important than doors, but now all the door manufacturers use gaskets in their products. This is because of changed practices in the building industry and a general demand in the market for higher quality in building products.”

According to Peña, Primo has a clear advantage over competitors due to the company’s wide gasket portfolio and flexibility to adapt to any customer need: “The customers know that we are flexible and offer the right solution according to their needs. We deliver high quality products fast. This is our differential value,” she says.

Peña comes from a technical background and moved from Spain to Germany in 2003. On the differences between Northern and Southern European customers, she says that personal contacts are more important in Spain:

“In Spain, good customer relations are important and often they depend much on personel chemistry. Having the best product doesn’t always close the deal, you need a good and personal relationship combined with timing, - and customers expect you to respond immediatly when they need you.”

About Paula Peña Gantes:
Born in Spain
MSc. Degree in Industrial Engineering, University of Vigo, Spain
Area Sales Manager, Primo (2006-14) 
International Sales & Business Development Manager, Primo (since September 2019)

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