Primo Netherlands to obtain AEO-Full license

Trading with Primo Netherlands can now be done within the secure framework of the European AEO-license. This means that the entire supply chain is reliable, safe, and continuously reviewed by external competences. AEO stands for Authorises Economic Operator, an equivalent of Supply Chain Security.

Trading with Primo Netherlands can now be done within the secure framework of the European AEO-license.

Supply Chain Security incidents are a new reality. It is essential to understand the incidents and how they can be managed, corrected, and prevented. Primo Netherlands has been AEO-authorised. With the license, Primo can document a secure setup that ensures the entire supply chain.

” We initiated the process on request from an international customer in the furniture industry.  They needed to secure their supply chain, and as a trusted supplier, we wanted to follow their lead,” says Richard van Kammen Sales Office Manager at Primo Netherlands.


The process started in October 2019, and several improvements have been made to live up the strict demands. For instance, cameras have been installed at gates, so every delivery is recorded. All employees have received training in the specifics of the AEO-license, and all Primo Netherlands suppliers have signed documents to ensure they will comply with the rules that apply to their trade with Primo Netherlands. Now the license has been obtained, issued by the Dutch custom and tax agency; it can be used for all customers.

“It has been a long process, and we are proud and happy that we now have the AEO-license. It will, of course, tighten our relationship with the customer who asked to be licensed, but there will be more benefits. As a result of Brexit, trade with Britain has been complicated, but with the AEO-license, we might have an advantage,” Richard van Kammen says.


The AEO authorisation simplifies the custom procedures regarding safety and security. Companies with the AEO authorisation may be informed that their shipments have been selected for controls and will get priority treatment for controls. Furthermore, they are subject to fewer controls as they would be considered as secure partners by customs, and their compliance and reliability would have been thoroughly checked when the AEO. Customs authorities will exchange electronic messages instead of paper-based declarations: this would allow quicker certification of export for traders

“Ultimately, this means that we can deliver faster to our international customers,” Richard van Kammen mentions.

The AEO is a project by the European Union, and the AEO -organisation has concluded agreements with the US, China, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, and is negotiating with Canada and Hong Kong custom authorities.


  • Easing custom procedures
  • Preventing unauthorized handling or manipulating with shipments
  • Documenting the entire supply chain
  • Faster deliveries

About Primo 

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