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Primo presents revolutionary product news - a DIY door seal system for trailers and truck-bodies.

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For producers of cooling trailers and truck-bodies for road transport, the door seal is one of the most critical components to maintain the desired inside temperature. The door seal must live up to exacting standards of material quality, precision design, fit and of course offer durability. Now Primo has designed a door sealing system which makes it possible for all producers to make and weld door sealings quickly at their own facilities.

Door seals for cooling trailers are complex products, they are often manufactured by combining several materials with various properties to form seals that are not just completely air and watertight, but also durable.

Furthermore, they must be designed and made in such a way that the door on no account gets stuck, all in all, not such an easy task. Most producers choose to design their own seals according to their own specifications, often working in close collaboration with Primo. But for medium and smaller producers, the cost of tooling equipment has made this approach prohibitively expensive – until now.

Welding in your own factory 

Primo now offers a range of standardized door sealings which are designed specifically for cooling trailers and truck-body doors to a high specification. The only investment a small trailer producer has to make is in the custom-built welding unit. To ensure that the welding process is conducted to the same high standard as in our factory Primo offers full product training and instruction in operating the welding equipment.

Therefore, for the medium and smaller producers, there are significant advantages and cost savings in producing door seals themselves. The producer will also be able to customize the door seals to any specific customer based on the standard range from Primo.

All profiles offer perfect sealing around the entire cooler box. The door sealing comes with an anti-friction material for easy opening of the door; the door sealing is delivered with primer, which makes mounting with glue faster and easier.

Plenty of customer benefits

The new Primo door sealing concept makes it possible for producers to react more quickly when a customer requires a special box size. By making and fitting door seals themselves, they can make considerable cost savings on assembly and shorten lead-times.

See how it works – Primo has made a short video showing how you can undertake the corner welding process.

DIY welding unit for door sealings

About Primo 

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