The future of window and door sealing: Primo presents the new TPE Foam Gasket

At this year's Fensterbau Frontale, Primo will be presenting a brand new durable, economical, and recyclable way of sealing windows and doors.

The new TPE Foam Gasket for sealing doors and windows
The new TPE Foam Gasket for sealing doors and windows made by Primo

The new TPE Foam Gasket has the potential to change the way we seal our buildings: 
”What we have accomplished is to manufacture a new material with encapsulated microbubbles and a smooth surface. This TPE foam gasket has all the advantages in one single material that the industry has previously sought to build by combining various elements,” says Business Unit Director Krzysztof Debski. 

Tightening doors and windows have been a challenge for centuries. Sealings have to be compressible, durable, resistant to change in temperature, easy to clean and recyclable. The standard products on the market today seeks to meet these expectations by combining different materials in the same sealing. This is typically done by extruding several plastic types into one single gasket that is applied to the window frame. 
But there is a downside to this process. First of all, it is complicated and therefore expensive. Furthermore, it is challenging to recycle a product made of several plastic components, because the parts need to be separated. 

“With the TPE Foam Gasket, we have a product that can easily be reused, since it is made purely from TPE. At the same time, it is easy to clean and durable because it will maintain its function for years even if it is scratched – thanks to the encapsulated microbubbles,” Krzysztof Debski says. 

About Primo 

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