Top-notch assembly of medical tubing

Primo offers customised packaging solutions designed specifically for your medical tubing.

Today we're excited to share some great news about our progress in medical tubing. We understand the unique needs of the medical industry and we've made some impressive advances.

Our assembly methods are top-notch, with a strong focus on precision. Every part and connection is carefully crafted to meet high standards. We pay close attention to detail, and our team ensures that our medical tubing not only meets industry standards but goes above and beyond.

When it comes to packaging, we know how important it is to protect and present your products. That's why we offer customised packaging solutions designed specifically for your medical tubing. We consider the size, fragility, and handling needs of your product to create packaging that not only keeps your product safe during transport but also enhances its overall presentation.

We're here to provide both complex assembly and specialised packaging for your medical tubing. Our goal is to make sure your products are ready for use as soon as they arrive, saving you time and resources.

Committed to deliver sustainable solutions

We're also committed to sustainability, using environmentally friendly packaging materials to reduce waste and our carbon footprint in the medical tubing supply chain.

We're more than a supplier; we're your end-to-end medical tubing partner. We're eager to work with you to create customised solutions that match your vision and set new industry standards for quality and precision.

If you're interested in our assembly and packaging solutions, please contact our experts. We're looking forward to working with you to bring your innovative medical devices to life.

About Primo 

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the Danish group has sales and production activities at 11 locations in Europe and China. The group currently has 980 employees and a turnover of 205 million EUR (per 31.12.2022). The company was founded and owned by the Grunnet family and, since its beginning in 1959, has specialised in designing and producing customer-specific profile solutions in plastic.