We can seal it

This is the motto of Primo GmbH – a specialist producer of seals and gaskets for windows and doors in Hamburg, Germany. The company’s mission is to develop and produce seals of all sorts for all kinds of window and door products, no matter how demanding.

Extruded plastic profiles for sealing of buildings

All created by a team of dedicated specialists eager to deliver first-class services and products to all Primo customers in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Primo develops and produces gaskets and sealings for all types of doors and windows – be it wood, aluminium or a mix of the two. With almost sixty years of experience in the business, it is no wonder that Primo has extensive knowhow to draw on – and the customers draw clear benefits from this.

In many cases, window and door producers require specialised profiles and gaskets, which in turn requires special extrusion tools and often special material composition of the profiles.

Properties made to measure

Some profiles are produced as mono-extruded profiles, which means that they are produced from one material type. But it is possible to co-extrude materials, making it possible to include a cord in the profile to improve strength or to add a protective film in the extrusion process itself. In fact, Primo can extrude profiles made from up to four different material types at the same time, a process known as quadruple extrusion. This gives the customer almost unlimited possibilities in the product design, thanks to our in-house tooling center. 

Fabio Falletta is Business Development Manager for Primo’s gasket and seal business area. He says: “We can also create profiles that have special properties such as antibacterial, antifungal or fire-retardant profiles.

We can also add a glycerine film to make it easier for the end user to mount and fit the profile. It all depends on what the customer wants; if it’s at all technically possible, they can rely on us to get it made.

Short delivery times

But one thing is the development and production, another is how long it takes. “We know that our customers often require really fast prototyping and tooling in order to get a product to the market as quickly as possible. Our whole process is designed to meet that demand,” says Fabio Falletta.

“We also offer warehousing, making it possible for our customers to plan their production way in advance, all of it guaranteed by our ISO9001 quality system. It’s all a part of making sure that we live up to our motto: Whatever needs sealing, we can seal it.”

All kinds of materials

Primo also produces glazing beads and gaskets for both new constructions and for renovation projects based on all material types: PVC, TPE, TPE-foam, silicone, TKS and so forth. The development and production take place at Primo’s facility in Hamburg, and as a part of the international Primo Group, Primo Profile has access to the combined knowledge of the whole group – all to the benefit of the customers.

Seal Team

Fabio Falletta explains: “We’ve developed more than 4,000 plastic profile types over the years. Some of these can be used as standard profiles for different types of doors and windows to the benefit of dealers and resellers as well as our industrial customers. In other cases, we need to develop the profile from scratch.

We do this by setting up a team of people who are specialists in the materials to be used or in the extrusion itself. We are all driven by a desire to put our creativity and professionalism into play in order to meet the demands the customers have. And we do.”

Seal profiles from Primo

About Primo 

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the Danish group has sales and production activities at 11 locations in Europe and China. The group currently has 980 employees and a turnover of 205 million EUR (per 31.12.2022). The company was founded and owned by the Grunnet family and, since its beginning in 1959, has specialised in designing and producing customer-specific profile solutions in plastic.