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    Window ledge gasket are specifically designed and produced for wooden windows.

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Standardised Window Ledge Gaskets

Primo's Window Ledge Gaskets

Window ledge gaskets are designed to fit in the gap between the window frame and the ledge, these gaskets provide a barrier against drafts, moisture, and outdoor elements. By creating a seamless seal in this vulnerable area, window ledge gaskets help maintain the comfort, energy efficiency, and integrity of the space.

Window ledge gasket ACA-5527

Window ledge gasket ACA-5527


Window ledge gasket for wooden windows. Installed dimensions: Gap size 2.7mm Material: TPE

Available colors:

White - RAL 9003 Grey - RAL 7040 Black - RAL 9004


Material PRIMO ACA
Gap size 2.7 mm
Packaging 175 m per carton (7x25 m disc)
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Benjamin Hespeler
Sales Central Europe

Meet Mr Gasket - our specialist in plastic seals and gaskets for windows and doors: Benjamin Hespeler serves German, Austrian and Swiss manufacturers and distributors of gaskets for the construction industry. With many years of experience in the industry, Benjamin has in-depth knowledge of the selection of sealing solutions, material options, product customisation options, packaging, colour, etc. All to create the best solution for each customer.
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