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Trends in the HVAC industry

Sustainable solutions

One of the biggest trends in HVAC technology is the focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, such as the use of renewable energy sources. We design and manufacture energy-efficient thermal breaks, drop seperators, and filter frames for air handling units to reduce the energy consumption and environmental impact of your HVAC products.

Energy-saving plastic profiles

Primo produces extruded plastic profiles for ventilation systems that offer high performance in terms of insulation, energy efficiency, durability, and maintenance. Plastics are also moisture and corrosion-resistant and in many cases superior to other materials.

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Taylormade thermal breaks from Primo connect inner and outer sheets of housing panels and increase their insulation values. The profiles can be made from Halogen-free and PVC-materials, with or without fiber ingredients, co-extruded with soft lips for sealing issues, different tapes for additional insulation or as mounting aid can be added.

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Primo filter frames support and hold air filters in place and prevent them from shifting. They ensure the filters are positioned correctly and perform optimally, ensuring the air circulating in a building is clean and free of contaminants. The profiles are available as standard or customer-specific profile and suitable for any type of commercially available filter system.

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Our high-quality plastic slats for droplet separators in air washers or as condensate separators in ventilation systems prevent condensate from accumulating in the HVAC system, which can cause damage to ducts, equipment, and even the building structure. Explore our variety of shapes and sizes for different HVAC configurations. They are designed to drain the collected condensate to a collection point, where it can be properly disposed of. 

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Various features can be combined into a single product by co/tri/quad-extrusion and by special finishing of the profiles. Examples of special applications are e.g. housing profiles for heat exchangers, sliding profiles, blades etc. Characteristics like sawing, drilling, stamping can be added. Customers take their benefit from extended design and functional options, easy assembly, reduced labour/ production costs, improved lifetime in special environments.

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Bartlomiej Baudler

Managing Director, Poland

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