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    Meet us on June 11-12-13 at GreenTech 2024 in Amsterdam! Are you seeking green solutions to drive CO2 savings within your greenhouse operations? Do you wonder if your constructions and installations are fully CO2 optimised? At Greentech 2024, we would like to discuss these questions, both for our customers and ourselves.

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    Greenhouse Gutters from Plastic
GreenTech Amsterdam - 11-13 June 2024

Facing the challenges of sustainable greenhouses

At Primo, we recognise the rapidly growing demand for sustainable solutions from both our customers and their clientele. Our commitment to contribute to sustainable solutions is summarised in our FUTURE FIT program, which outlines six concrete sustainability commitments. 

Join us at the upcoming GreenTech tradeshow, where we'll showcase our latest advancements and contributions to the environmental performance of greenhouse operations. From cutting-edge technologies to innovative cultivation methods, Primo is at the forefront of driving sustainable practices in the industry.

Discover how our FUTURE FIT programme is reshaping the landscape of greenhouse farming, and learn how you can integrate these principles into your operations to meet the demands of today's eco-conscious market. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the latest trends and solutions shaping the future of greenhouse agriculture with Primo at GreenTech. We would be delighted to welcome you to our booth.

Join us as we explore the future of greenhouse technology, hall 2, booth 02.319​.

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Tailored polymer profile solutions for the latest trends in greenhouses

Smart greenhouses: Smart greenhouses use sensors and automated systems to monitor and control environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light and CO2 levels. Automated irrigation systems, for example, deliver water to plants precisely according to their needs, optimising resource use and improving crop yields.

Vertical farming: With limited space and a growing population, vertical farming has gained traction as a sustainable solution. Growers can maximise the use of space while reducing water consumption and transportation costs.

Energy efficient solutions: As the industry strives for sustainability, energy-efficient greenhouse designs and technologies are becoming more prevalent. For example, incorporating energy-saving features such as thermal curtains, double glazing and LED lighting systems can significantly reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimal growing conditions.

Data-driven agriculture: Using big data and analytics, farmers are making data-driven decisions to optimise crop production and resource allocation. Advanced monitoring systems collect vast amounts of data on crop growth, environmental conditions and resource use, enabling farmers to fine-tune their operations for maximum efficiency and yield.

Interested in how Primo greenhouse gutters and profiles can contribute to your greenhouse production? Join us as we explore the future of greenhouse technology, hall 2, booth 02.319​.

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Greenhouse Gutters with Endcap


When you order a Primo plastic profile or gutter, you're helping to create a sustainable future. We use data from the plastic profile to calculate CO2 emissions. We work with industry experts to get accurate data and documentation, so we can calculate the CO2 emissions and reductions for every plastic profile leaving our manufacturing facilities.

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Janne Mäkisalo, Business Area Manager & Key Account Manager
Janne Mäkisalo
Business Area Manager & Key Account Manager

Meet Janne Mäkisalo, our esteemed expert in gutters and profiles for industrial greenhouses and head of the greenhouse team in the Primo Group, serving a large international customer portfolio, besides his sales responsibilities within the windows & doors industry in Primo Finland's sales team. With many years of experience, Janne is your contact person for customised profile solutions. His deep understanding of industrial greenhouse growing ensures tailor-made profiles that optimise plant growth, energy efficiency and productivity in commercial greenhouses.
Speaks: English, Finnish

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