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    Sealing for trailors and trucks
Transport and trailers sealing systems

DIY door sealings

Primo has developed a unique concept for trailer manufacturers: DIY door seals including a welding unit which enables you to cut, weld and install door sealings quickly in your own workshop. The door seals come in first-class TPV material, in different sizes and colours, and with bondafin glue without need of primer. We support you all the way during the implementation process and offer training for your operators.

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The upcoming IAA Transportation will be a hotbed of discussion for the trucking industry, with a focus on tackling challenges that keep things cool, especially for refrigerated trucks. 

Maintaining Cold Chain Integrity: Ensuring consistent temperatures throughout long journeys for perishable goods, especially during the loading and unloading process is a crucial factor for the industry. How can we improve trailer insulation, optimise refrigeration unit efficiency, and mitigate temperature fluctuations caused by frequent door openings or external factors.

Staff Training and Technology: Equipping your employees with the knowledge and tools to optimise refrigerated trailer operation is crucial. How can you create best practices for loading and unloading to minimize temperature spikes?

Trailer Aerodynamics and Fuel Efficiency: Refrigerated trailers often have higher drag coefficients compared to dry vans. Optimizing trailer aerodynamics for improved fuel efficiency will be a key topic, with discussions on new designs and lightweight materials.

Interested how our DIY door sealing systems can contribute to the challenges you are facing? Get in touch to request your FREE entry. Primo welcomes you from 17-22 September 2024 in Hannover.

Our products for the transport industry

Primo is market leading supplier of door sealings for trailers - a unique and simple solution that makes it possible for you to cut, trim and weld door sealings in your own workshop.

Bumper profiles help to protect your transport vehicle from damage by impact. Primo's bumpers for the automotive industry are lightweight plastic bumpers that will protect the outer part of the bumper and minimise damage.

Custom-made plastic profiles like cover profiles and curtain side profiles are often the preferred solution due to the material's outstanding properties: Durability, low maintenance, non-corrosive, lightweight, energy-saving and many more advantages.

Primo provides a great selection of pipes and hoses for trucks and other commercial vehicles.

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Jesper H. Thomsen, Sales and Business Development Transport
Jesper Helveg Thomsen
Business Area Director

Jesper has been a B2B sales expert at Primo for over 20 years and is recognised for his combination of technical knowledge and business expertise. He has extensive business knowledge in a wide range of industries; for the past years he has been Business Area Director for the Transport Industry, focusing on the transport and automotive industries. His in-depth knowledge of profiles for truck and trailer door sealing systems makes him your first point of contact for any project in this area. Jesper drives and leads the Transport business together with his dedicated international sales team.
Speaks: English, Danish, German

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