Primo celebrates its 60-anniversary

In 2019 Primo celebrated its 60-anniversary and we decided to tell the story about Primo - 60 YEARS OF GROWTH AND EXTRUSION. The result is now finished and can be downloaded here.

In 2019 Primo celebrated its 60-anniversary
In 2019 Primo celebrated its 60-anniversary

The book tells the story about both how plastic has changed our daily lives and how Primo has managed to find and create new markets while aquiring 27 other companies in Scandinavia, Europe and recently also in China that are now part of the Primo-family. Chairman of the board, Fleming Grunnet, says: 

"From humble beginnings the enterprise has become one of the largest extruders of custom-made plastic profiles in Europe, serving a wide range of industries. In this anniversary book, we will celebrate the various companies and their approaches to plastic extrusion from the very beginning. In Denmark, Primo was one of the extrusion pioneers, but the companies acquired in Norway and Sweden were extruding even earlier – sometimes as the very first in their respective countries. We are telling their stories here along with Primo’s story, and we describe decade by decade how Primo has grown to become an international organisation."

The book, written by journalist Hans Henrik H. de Lichtenberg, is richly illustrated with photos from the archives and new infographics. 

Download the free book here

About Primo 

Headquartered in Copenhagen, the Danish group has sales and production activities at 11 locations in Europe and China. The group currently has 980 employees and a turnover of 205 million EUR (per 31.12.2022). The company was founded and owned by the Grunnet family and, since its beginning in 1959, has specialised in designing and producing customer-specific profile solutions in plastic.