Plastic profiles and packing tubes for automotive electronics

  • Packing Tubes for Automotive Electronics

    We protect the car's electronic parts with plastic profiles.

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    Primo Profilex Packing Tube Electronics
Electronics & Packing Tubes

Worldwide supplier of packing tubes

Primo is worldwide supplier of polymer profiles for automated handling and packaging of electronic components for the automated auto industry. We support global and local market leaders, manufacturers of IC’s, relays, resistors, connectors and several other electronic components.

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Antistatic Packing Tubes by Primo

Antistatic Packing Tubes

Our antistatic packing tubes are designed to protect your electronic components during transit and storage. The tubes shield against electrostatic discharge (ESD), ensuring the integrity of your sensitive electronics.

Our packing tubes are made from high-quality, antistatic materials. They create a protective barrier that dissipates static electricity, preventing potential damage to delicate components like semiconductors, microchips, and electronic circuits. The transparent design makes it easy to identify contents, streamlining your inventory management process.

Our packing tubes are durably constructed to protect your electronic components from physical impacts, moisture, and dust. They also have antistatic properties that extend the lifespan of your components. The secure closure mechanism ensures a snug fit, reducing the risk of accidental openings during handling.

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Conductive Packing Tubes

Primo's conductive tubes are made from high-quality conductive materials, creating a secure and controlled environment for your sensitive components. They shield your components from potential ESD damage during transport and storage. The tubes' conductivity ensures the dissipation of static electricity, providing a safe haven for semiconductors, microchips, and intricate electronic circuits.

They have a robust construction that protects against electrostatic discharge and shields components from physical damage, moisture, and contaminants. The transparent design makes it easy to identify contents, enhancing inventory management efficiency.

The tubes have a secure closure mechanism that offers a snug fit, reducing the risk of accidental openings and ensuring the uncompromised integrity of your electronic components. Upgrade your packaging strategy with Conductive Tubes. These tubes provide superior protection for your electronic devices throughout the supply chain.

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Primo Profilex Packing Tube Electronics
Primo provide couloured packing tubes

Coloured Packing Tubes

Our coloured or translucent packing tubes are a bold departure from conventional packaging solutions. 

They are available in an array of eye-catching colours or featuring a translucent design. Our tubes are practical for easy content identification, streamlining inventory management.

They are crafted from durable materials, providing a protective barrier against physical impact, dust, and moisture, ensuring the integrity of your items. The sturdy construction guarantees a secure enclosure, safeguarding your products during transportation and storage.

These tubes are versatile and creative, making them ideal for various applications, including promotional packaging and organizing different product lines. Our Coloured/Translucent Packing Tubes can elevate your brand's visual identity and leave an unforgettable impression.

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Co-extruded packing tubes

Co-extruded packing tubes are a versatile and durable packaging solution created using advanced co-extrusion technology.

This process involves layering multiple materials during tube manufacturing, resulting in a packing solution with enhanced properties. Our co-extruded packing tubes integrate different layers to combine the strength of one material with the barrier properties of another. This offers a tailored solution for your unique packaging needs.

The tubes provide superior protection against external elements, such as moisture, oxygen, and UV rays, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your products. They allow for the incorporation of specific characteristics, such as enhanced clarity for product visibility or added puncture resistance for robust packaging performance.

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Co-extruded packing tubes from Primo
Multiple chamber packing tubes

Multiple chamber packing tubes

Our multi-chamber packing tubes feature a distinct design with multiple compartments, providing several benefits beyond traditional packaging. The multi-chamber design allows for organized segregation of different components or products within a single tube, streamlining inventory management and enhancing product presentation.

The multi-chamber tubes are versatile and can be used for packaging sets of items or products that need to be kept separate. They are suitable for various industries, including cosmetics, personal care, and electronics. Our Multi-Chamber Packing Tubes help to reduce packaging waste by consolidating multiple items in one tube. This contributes to eco-friendly practices and aligns with sustainability goals and customer preferences for environmentally conscious packaging.

Additionally, they provide enhanced protection. The packaging has individual chambers that protect the contents during transit, reducing the risk of damage or contamination. This is especially useful for delicate or sensitive items that require extra care.

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Opt for our reliable plugs for a snug and secure fit, ensuring the contents of your tubes remain intact and shielded from external elements. Caps offer an easy-to-use solution, combining functionality with convenience for effortless sealing. If versatility is key, our tapes provide a customizable and flexible closure option, adapting to various tube sizes and shapes.

For a more specialized closure, our pins offer a secure and tamper-evident solution, adding an extra layer of protection to your packaged items. No matter which closure option you choose, rest assured that each is crafted with precision and designed to complement the durability and reliability of our packing tubes.

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Plugs, caps, tapes or pins for packing tubes
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Gerd Ochsenbrücher
Business Area Manager, Packing Tubes

Gerd Ochsenbrücher is Primo's long-standing and dedicated Packing Tubes expert. His customers are international companies supplying the automotive industry and others. Packing Tubes is a very specialised segment that requires very specialised knowledge - and Gerd has it! With Gerd on board, we promise business know-how all the way!
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