Primo and Coronavirus

Stay updated on the Coronavirus impact on the business. 

Hamburg plant operating at reduced capacity

COVID-19 impact on our supply chain

Last update March 1, 2021

Due a serious COVID-19 situation in Hamburg area,  our Neu Wulmstorf factory is operating at lower capacity during week 9.

Unfortunately, this situation will affect our delivery performance for the coming weeks. For orders in our backlog, we are expecting a 2-3 weeks’ delay, and we expect approx. 2-3 weeks’ extended delivery times on new orders.

We will do our utmost to return as swiftly as possible back to our normal strong delivery performance and apologize for the inconvenience this situation may have caused.

We appreciate your patience.

Only minor changes at other locations and production sites

Apart from our Hamburg plant, the Corona situation is status quo; until now, COVID-19 has had a minor impact on our supply chain, including risk of delays at the borders and the like. Customers affected have been informed directly.

We will immediately contact you if we will find any reason to believe that our supplies might have any impact on your business.


Common restrictions and guidelines for all our entities

To ensure a safe handling of our supply chain and our services, including a responsible behaviour among our employees, all Primo companies follow the same strict principles and regulations. Updates of each country's and each company's status are shared and corrective actions taken if needed. Among other things, we share daily status in each country of:

  • COVID-19 status according to Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security 
  • Delivery situation
  • Supply chain situation - raw material supply and other supplies 
  • Local and regional initiatives and regulations
  • Employees and their families

In case of a critical development of the current situation, we will contact affected parties immediately.


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