Corona virus not expected to affect long term delivery

Date: 07/02/2020

Topic: Building , Lighting , Energy & Offshore , Medico , Transport , Electronics & Packing Tubes , Refrigeration & HVAC

Written by: Lichtenberg

Situation report about delivery from our factory site in Zhuhai due to the reporting about Corona virus in China.

Corona virus does not delay delivery for more than a week Corona virus does not delay delivery for more than a week

The Chinese government takes powerful action against the Corona virus, and no Primo employees are affected at our site in Zhuhai. Wuhan, located in Hubei province, is the most affected city. Therefore, Wuhan has been separated from other parts of China to ensure that the virus is not spreading. Our factory is located around 1500 km from Wuhan. The Zhuhai government has delayed the return from the spring festival one week to avoid a more serious situation. Deliveries will be delayed accordingly. 

For long term deliveries, we expect no delays or problems. When we return to work, we will catch up on all deliveries and keep you updated in case of changes to your delivery. Please follow our update corona status page here:

Thanks for your confidence.

The Primo management team


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