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    More and more industries and business areas are replacing profiles in other materials with plastic profiles. It is key to choose the right polymer to ensure that your plastic products possess the needed qualities.

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Choosing the right polymer

The various types of plastics all have different structures that determine their properties, like rigid or soft, flexible, and so on. These characteristics, and their combinations, are limited only by the imagination. 

Plastics can be formed into an enormous variety of complex shapes; it can be rigid or flexible, and it can facilitate design solutions in thousands of applications. Plastics can also be co-extruded to achieve a combination of properties.

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Benefits of polymer profiles

You can optimise plastic component features such as product lifetime, thermal properties, stability, temperature and UV resistance by choosing the right polymer.

Primo can find a plastic solution which in most cases will be superior to any other materials you may have in mind. 

Get the overview in our brand new guide to polymer raw materials.

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TPE plastic material key to unique new gaskets

Gaskets are used wherever a tight sealing is needed. In this case, gaskets for doors and windows ensure that the house is properly sealed around doors and window openings. Primo has developed  revolutionary new gaskets made from TPE plastic foam. An example that underlines the importance of material expertise and choices. 

Interested in TPE gaskets for windows and doors? Learn more.

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The new material encapsulates microbubbles and a smooth surface. The TPE foam gasket has all the advantages in one single material that the industry has previously sought to build by combining various elements. 

Tightening doors and windows have been a challenge for centuries. Sealings have to be compressible, durable, resistant to change in temperature, easy to clean and recyclable. The standard products on the market until recently combined different materials in the same sealing. 

But there is a downside to that. First of all, it is complicated and therefore expensive. Furthermore, it is challenging to recycle a product made of several plastic components, because the parts need to be separated. 

With the new and unique TPE Foam Gasket, Primo has developed a product that can easily be reused, since it is made purely from TPE. At the same time, it is easy to clean and durable because it will maintain its function for years. Get to understand the way Primo thinks about polymer materials. Dig into our new Guide to materials for extruded plastic profiles.

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Different categories and types of plastics

There are three overall types/categories of plastics: thermosets, thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers. As the names indicate, they behave differently and hold different properties. Ensuring the optimal properties of your profile or product starts by choosing the suitable plastic raw material 

While raw thermosets degrade before melting when heated  and thus are hard to recycle, thermoplastics can be remelted (plasticised) and processed again several times, generally without losing their properties. This makes thermoplastics convenient for recycling. Thermoplastics is the most common type utilized in extrusion processes and people often associate the attributes of thermoplastic, when they think of “plastic” 

In Primo’s new Materials Guide, we present our Plastic Properties Database as a tool for designing innovative polymer products.

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Jaakko Salo Group Commercial Director
Jaakko Salo
Group Commercial Director

Jaakko Salo is the group's head of sales, with a broad understanding of the different markets and industries. He is also our specialist in linear lighting profiles, busbars, and diffusers: As an experienced expert in the field, Jaakko's many years of experience and contributions show his deep comprehension of the possibilities of the linear lighting landscape. He's committed to innovation in his work and has collaborated with architects, designers, and industry partners to create lighting profiles that go beyond mere functionality. Jaakko can help you shape your success and light the way for the industry.

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